Mission - Vision - Core Values

Since we started, our organization has changed and expanded, but one thing has stayed the same: our mission is to help children develop skills for success in schools and life through learning chess. By raising our funds we're achieving bigger goals each year.

To help our mission, we encourage you to join our team and become part of our tournaments. Each child gets free t-shirt and free chess set to play!

Vision Statement: Metairie Chess Academy provides youth of all backgrounds and abilities a powerful framework for success in school and life through the sport of Chess.

Core Values:

  • An educational program that uses chess

  • Value process over outcome – not just about winning

  • Inclusive – no pre-requisite skill, ability, or achievement required for participation

  • Universal – chess is relevant to everyone regardless of background or ability

  • Accessible – resources are used to promote equitable access in underserved schools and communities

  • Data-informed – programs are monitored, evaluated, and adjusted for continuing improvement

  • Empowering – youth and communities

  • Appreciative – value the contribution of teachers, volunteers, partners, and donors

  • Fun –success and effort are celebrated


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