Every Bit Helps

Metairie Chess Academy is committed to making chess an important part of our community. In addition to providing a forum for the community to play tournaments and casual games, the club also offers chess improvement classes, beginner lessons and special lectures.
Another important aspect of our mission is to develop in-school and after-school scholastic chess programs. Chess teaches valuable lessons for developing students like problem solving, critical thinking, spatial awareness and goal setting.
Our programs are designed to be easily implemented in any school or afterschool setting, and your contribution will be used to make our chess program more accessible to area students from all across the city, county and surrounding areas.
We thank you for your support as we continue to spread the benefits of chess to people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds!


Organizational Support

By contributing just $50 you're sponsoring two chess boards for our local school chess programs.


Tournament Sponsorship

Generate quality leads, deliver great ROI, increase your brand reach and exposure, put you in front of your target market and best of all, build your brand's authority by becoming one of our sponsors!


Community Contribution

When your business supports community, the community supports your business. Establishing a process for giving back isn't a short-term strategy.


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